Tae  Kwon  Do (also known as Taekwondo) is the art of self defense that originated in Korea. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world, reaching back over 2,000 years. The name was selected for its appropriate description of the art: Tae  (foot), Kwon  (hand), Do  (art).



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-based martial art whose central theme is the skill of controlling a resisting opponent in ways that force him to submit. Due to the fact that control is generally easier on the ground than in a standing position, much of the technique of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is centered round the skill of taking an opponent down to the ground and wrestling for dominant control positions from where the opponent can be rendered harmless.


Krav Maga (pronounced “krahv mahGAH”) is an effective, modern, and dynamic self-defense and fighting system. It is designed to be practical and intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size. The techniques expand on your natural instincts to develop skills quickly and effectively, while enabling you to address attacks under any scenario. You will learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones, while gaining increased awareness and instinctive reflexes.


Join the ever-growing movement of high-intensity workouts. High-Intensity is not going away. Research has proven this to be an optimal way to move your body for the fastest results. The difference between STRONG by Zumba and other high-intensity workouts, is that this workout uses the TEMPO of the music to get your body into high gear. With OPTIONS, of course! That means anyone can do this in a safe manner. With the focus on you and your body’s energetics, everyone in the room will be focusing on their own body!

Yes, ma’am (ok...yes sir, too), you will feel comfortable in this fitness workout (remember STRONG by Zumba is NOT a dance fitness class (although in our opinion, dancing rocks!). It is a High-Intensity-Tempo- Training—HITT—workout.
And the music makes it so much fun! So if you love moving to music, then this workout is for you.

If you previously did Zumba Fitness dance classes, then this workout is the next step to amping up your fitness level to make more positive changes in your body.



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