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Strong By Zumba


Join the ever-growing movement of high-intensity workouts. High-Intensity is not going away. Research has proven this to be an optimal way to move your body for the fastest results. The difference between STRONG by Zumba and other high-intensity workouts, is that this workout uses the TEMPO of the music to get your body into high gear. With OPTIONS, of course! That means anyone can do this in a safe manner. With the focus on you and your body’s energetics, everyone in the room will be focusing on their own body!

Yes, ma’am (ok...yes sir, too), you will feel comfortable in this fitness workout (remember STRONG by Zumba is NOT a dance fitness class (although in our opinion, dancing rocks!). It is a High-Intensity-Tempo- Training—HITT—workout.
And the music makes it so much fun! So if you love moving to music, then this workout is for you.

If you previously did Zumba Fitness dance classes, then this workout is the next step to amping up your fitness level to make more positive changes in your body.

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